Australia Awards at Flinders University

Classes become safe and inclusive when students can express themselves with confidence. Margret (Bangladesh), Lin Lin and Thi Thi (both are from Myanmar) shared their experience of doing Master of Education specializing in Leadership & Management together at Flinders University as Australia Awards Scholars. Recognising the challenge in English, they sought the support of the English Language Support Program to improve in their first semester. Margret shared: “During the first semester, I attended the academic English support classes, particularly writing and reading skill. I continue taking listening and discussion skill classes this semester to keep improving myself during study here”. Lin Lin also expresses that she gains self-confidence too, “I used to find it difficult to listen to international students’ different accents, I was terrible to catch up with friends, but I got improved now and I feel more confident”, “I also learnt about the various teaching methods in my pronunciation class” she said.
In terms of the course, Margret loves the topic on Assessment in Education which she thinks is crucial for her future career. “To understand the assessment in education, I am aware of diverse methods to evaluate the performance of students. It is not only about the exam”, as Margret told me. Thi Thi and Lin Lin have common interests in two topics that they feel really fascinating, which are Planning Change in Organisations and Developing people in Organisations. They have learnt how to encourage people to learn and work effectively in different organisations.
The discussion and group work in their topics not only benefits their academic learning, Thi Thi and Margret said she got new friendship with an Australian friend who invited them over to her house and had a BBQ together. Margret shared that this friendship helps her a lot to feel included and confident, “I, sometimes, feel difficult to approach domestic students, we used to feel not confident to talk with them”. The strong friendship between Australia Award Students is also important to them. They express that the more people we know, the more we feel confident in learning and sharing.